Angel Oak Property Management

Rental Services

Looking to rent out your property? Our team at Angel Oak Property Management is ready to help! 

Listings and Showings

Your property will have visible signage and be listed on multiple platforms to guarantee we find a tenant. Interested applicants will have a personal walk-though of your property by our team.

Background Checks

To ensure we find the best fit for your property, all applicants are subject to a background check. This includes employment and rental history, income verification, credit worthiness, criminal history, and eviction records.

Leases and Financial 

Our team will work with you to customize a lease that fits your needs. You will also receive detailed monthly and yearly accounting statements to show income from your rental property.

Inspections and Security

Upon move in, our team will do a walk through with the tenant and security deposit will be kept in a trust account until move out. After move out, we will do a thorough inspection and return their security deposit after any applicable deductions.


We work with property owners to find and schedule reliable local contractors for maintenance and repair issues.


We will handle evictions proceedings and pursue legal action on your behalf if a tenant violates their lease or the SC Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.

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